Process Engineering

The buzz words are "bio" and intelligent process control. More articles to follow on water treatment technology, process control, dynamic process simulation, eco-packaging, aquaponics and beer brewing!


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Cherry Pie Brewery: A Microbrewery Control Strategy

``Are you working on your Cherry Pie again,'' she asks me. I was indeed busy configuring the Raspberry Pi to control my new fully automated brewery. My days of using malt extract and stirring a pot on the stove was over. I wanted to be a true artist and start all-grain brewing.

A Heat Exchange Recirculating Mash System (HERMS) was chosen as the perfect process to implement. For most home brewers, controlling the temperature is all that is needed, but I wanted to control as many variables as possible.

Cherry Pie Brewery: Introduction

According to The History Channel (2014), the technological, social, and economical development of the society is linked to mankind's desire to brew more beer. The beer brewing process dates back thousands of years and every culture has their own refined version. In simplified terms, beer is produced from four main ingredients: barley (primarily), hops, yeast and water; water is the liquid medium. Sugar is extracted from the barley and hops adds to the bitter taste. Yeast is added to this mixture and left to ferment at a suitable temperature.