About me

Hi there! I’m Schalk van Heerden, an engineer by training and technology professional from South Africa who loves contributing to the fields of process and control engineering, software, and multimedia. I cover a variety of projects with my skill and ability, and my work ethic is just like the country I come from: sunny and bright.

You don’t have to simply take my word for it when I say I have a background in as a chemical engineer – so here’s a little educational and vocational background:

I obtained my Bachelor’s in Chemical Engineering from North West University and B.Eng Honors in Control Engineering from University of Pretoria. I worked as a student engineer for NECSA, and a design engineer at Eskom, by the way. I have undertaken many projects and successfully finished an equal amount of projects too. My expertise includes water treatment, power plants, process control, and chemical engineering. And oh, programming. I love programming!

As a professional aspiring to make a major contribution to the world with my work, I have a work philosophy I believe in: find the box, and think. When it comes to engineering or development, I believe run of the mill work just doesn’t cut it. People demand innovation, something extra, and that is what I strive to deliver.

When I’m not completely invested in my work, I invest my energy and passion in sports, never missing out on a big game, and often yelling in front of TV. It’s my odd way of relaxing.

For further information about me, contact me anytime!