Reflecting on 2014

2014 was an awesome year, and I have come to understand something about the sports world that is, most times your hard work pay off and dreams come through when you do not expect it.

During my holidays in January, I started my year in Golden Gate with a training camp (De Bruin Train) which lasted almost a week. This gave me the opportunity to get acquainted with heights, become more experienced with triathlon and meet new people that I made friends with, I later got Hendrik de Villiers as my coach to put me through with the games for the year.

My major goal for the year was to be a leading figure for the ITU Cape Town group (AG) race that was to take place in April. I participated in the Xterra Lite race at Buffelspoort In the month of January, which I finished up with a silver medal in my AG. The previous year I had fractured my ankle during that race. I had become so fond of Triathlon and Xterra that it made traveling to Buffelspoort a hobby for me.

In February, I competed in the CGT trails in Germiston just so I could be eligible for the SA trails in duathlon and triathlon. Just in a single race, I became eligible for both the games. Earlier that year, the Duathlon world champs was held which had an effect on the designated time of the event, but I came to the realization that if the event had been properly planned adjustment of scheduled time would have been avoided. Luck was not on my side on the race day, my bike had developed fault which could not be fixed at that moment so I had to borrow a friends own. Nevertheless, the race ended for me even before it began as the borrowed bike lost its tyres just at the beginning and that was it.

With my attention now pointing towards Cape Town, I found an unexpected message in my message box asking me to participate in the up and coming SA duathlon champs which was to take place at the end of March in Pretoria, and I embraced the offer with both hands.

I have always enjoyed running right from when I was little, but swimming and racing has been quite an interesting one to learn ever since I venture into triathlon in 2012. I had done lots of thing to help improve my learning, but it was telling on my races, anyway that’s just the price I had to pay.

The ITU Africa race and the SA duathlon were merged together serving as one, I was very impressed with myself during the first run because I had done great in the first 10km. I was able to catch up with those ahead of me, but that didn’t last long, my bike developed faults with the gear and this made me lose 15 minutes of my time still I was glad I was able to make it and I emerged with 7th position in my AG. This made it the second duathlon event I participated in.

I was overjoyed and highly amazed when I got a second invitation just about a week after the first. “You have just been selected to represent Triathlon South Africa at the ITU World Duathlon Championship in Pontevedra, Spain.” Finally my long expected dream comes to pass.

I had to pay less attention to swimming in order to give bike racing my very best throughout the ITU Cape Town event. Much stress was laid on issues concerning run-bike bricks.

There is not any other water so cold to be compared to that of V&A Waterfront. The swimming distance was reduced to half the original because of the coldness of the water, which gave me an advantage at that time. I now had an amazing bike that made my race a fantastic one, with my best run leg was about a minute short of sub 40 min.

Kyalami race track became my best site because I did constant practice there for about a month just to get well prepared for the competition and to boost my confidence, I had this self-assurance when I left for Spain in May 26. I was a novice at international sports travel and the journey of connecting flights, with your bike box and hoping it is in one piece is something I can never forget.

The event started out quite well at the first lap, the great skill displayed by these athletes was highly unexpected and I realized I had my limits still I was glad I was a part of it all, I could use the acquired skill and knowledge for future purpose when the time comes, but it was definitely not going to be for this race. Although the event was an anti-climax, ending up 33rd in my AG and falling 10 minutes below my set goal, I still broke my PB. Here is a summary of my results.

I know what it take to get to this point in sports and will do my best possible to find more balance in 2015 for every aspect of my life.